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Fa Zi’s Chinese Rock & Roll History is a story about the beginnings of the modern Rock and Roll era in 1990′s China.

It is about the burgeoning underground culture which was rooting in Beijing at that time  from the perspective of an American, Kevin Salveson, who happened to fall-in with some of the coolest rock and rollers the Middle Kingdom had ever seen.  This was just a few years after the Tian An Men Square protests,  a time when the capital city was beginning to change at an incredible pace.

This is the debut for FaZi (pronounced sort of like ‘father’)  in the digital world and will feature his music in forthcoming installments as well as greater descriptions of YuanMingYuan and the changes China was undergoing in those years.

We don’t look to profit from FaZi’s music, so anything that this exposure brings to him will be duly accounted for and delivered to him.  (If we can find him!  See Where Is Fazi?)

Kevin Salveson is a former Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and PM for WFA (Finet).  Before that, in a former life, he was a consultant and instructor for China Star International’s hosting of the United Nation’s Fourth World Conference on Women, a drama critic for Dramalogue, in the ad department at Hollywood Reporter, and DJ and host of Alternative Outlook at radio station FM 88.9 KXLU.   A lifelong writer, musician, sportsman, gadfly and apparent braggart, see below for links to more content.

For more about Fazi and to purchase his music visit www.extablisment.com.  (coming soon).

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Fazi (the Chinese Fat Elvis) + Rock and Roll + 1 American Expat = entertaining music