Cha Si Ni De Wen Ro – 恰似你的温柔 (Tsai Chin cover)


This was originally recorded on a hand-held tape recorder in Beijing, China in 1994, so please excuse the bad sound quality. It is more for historical purposes, and because Fa Zi has a great voice. Another friend Liu Lu Bing takes over the vocals after a bit.

Fa Zi-Cha Si Ni De Wen Ro was a song originally popularized in China by Tsai Chin in the late 1980’s. The Chinese title is: – 恰似你的温柔.

It’s funny, because since it is such a treacly song they pause for a second before getting encouragement to go on!

This is a low resolution Mp3 version. For a high resolution 24 bit version as well as other Fa Zi songs and merch,  visit   (coming soon)

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