KIC Image 103


在那金色的沙滩上 On that golden sand
洒着银白的月光 Sprinkled is the silvery white moonlight
寻找往事踪影 I look over to see where the past went
往事踪影迷茫 The past that is now vast and hazy

往事踪影已迷茫 Trace of the past has become misty
久别离的姑娘 As if it was a fantasy
你在何处躲藏 Where are you hiding
久别离的姑娘 The girl who left for long

我骑在马上 I’m riding on the horse
箭一样地飞翔 And flying like an arrow
飞呀飞呀我的马 Fly and fly my horse
朝着她去的方向 Towards the way she went

Translated by Yue Yu

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