This is a rehearsal not a finished song, and it was recorded on a hand-held tape recorder in 1994 in Beijing, China so the sound quality in not very good. Still, it is of historical interest.

On this song, Fa Zi is doing a reggae rock song with lyrics I can’t make out.

Then, two ger mer (dudes) come up and discuss the song as it is being rehearsed.  One says, “the music is kind of weird.” The other says, “It’s Fa Zi, it’s an American song.”

So that might give an indication of how Fa Zi’s rock and roll sound was perceived at the time.  Then the band slips into a blues jam and Pie Face, our guitarist, throws down a decent solo.

This is a low resolution Mp3 version of the song. For hi res 24 bit versions as well as other Fa Zi merch, see (Coming soon)

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Fazi (the Chinese Fat Elvis) + Rock and Roll + 1 American Expat = entertaining music