Ni Hao Wo Ai Ni – 你好,我爱你 – “Hello I love you”

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Ni Hao Wo Ai Ni – 你好,我爱你  (The Doors, Hello I Love You)

This is the Fa Zi band doing a cover of the Doors “Hello I Love You” with some Chinese.   A rather free and sarcastic cover  (with Kevin Salveson doing the shouting in Chinese instead of Fazi singing.)  The lyrics are the same in English or Chinese — crude and taunting.

This was recorded in Beijing in 1994 on a hand held tape recorder in a bar, so forgive the sound quality.

The fuzztone is abrasive at first but may sound kinda punk and energetic after awhile!  (ha ha!)


This is a lower resolution Mp3 version of the song. For high resolution files and other Fa Zi merch,  visit (Coming soon)


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