Du Gu
Du Gu

This was recorded on a hand-held tape deck in Beijing in 1994, so the quality is not very good. In fact, let’s be honest– it sounds like absolute crap.

Nonetheless, it is brief and for historical purposes, to prove that this was going on in Beijing back then under the radar in 1995.

In fact, we (Fa Zi and the band plus me, Kevin Salveson) were doing a show at the China World Trade Hotel and Fa Zi sort of just slipped into a very loose cover of Bob Marley’s Stir It Up at one point.

I was doing some of the singing as well and made up a verse:

Going to the party
and you know I aint got no money
when you gonna give me the money
that you owe me, you know you owe me.

Meanwhile I then do a little bit of the sample that appears on the opening of a song by the famous rap group Son of Berserk:

Bartender bring cheap champagne!
Cause when me got cheap champagne me gonna bust!

That’s as Jamaican as we could get in China at the time.    :)

This is a low resolution Mp3 version of the song. To purchase a 24 bit version as well as other Fa Zi merch, go to www. (Coming soon)

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