YUAN MING YUAN – Dong Fang Hong (The East is Red)- 万园之园 – 东方红

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This is Fa Zi doing his song “Yuan Ming Yuan” with a verse of “Dong Fang Hong” (The East is Red)” in there.

This was recorded on a hand-held tape recorder in 1994 in Beijing, China so please excuse the poor quality. It is more for historical document purposes than easy listening.

Fa Zi and the band are really rocking out on this one, and his voice is powerful enough to rise over the guitars squall.

In there is also the traditional Chinese instrument the Suona.

The East is Red is basically the Communist Party Anthem, so obviously Fa Zi is making a bit of historical commentary on this track.


Yuan Ming Yuan – 万园之园

The East Is Red    – 东方红

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