Ceiling of the Great Hall of the People, Beijing
Ceiling of the Great Hall of the People, Beijing

Fa Zi’s Chinese Rock & Roll History is a story about the beginnings of the modern music era in 1990′s China  and the burgeoning underground culture which was rooting in Beijing (especially the Yuan Ming Yuan artists colony) at that time.

All that and more, as seen from the perspective of an American (Kevin Salveson) who happened to fall-in and form a  band with some of the coolest rock and rollers the Middle Kingdom had ever seen just years after the Tian An Men Square protests (and Deng Xiao Peng) had changed the capital city forever.

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With cheap video equipment and hand-held tape decks I recorded footage and music of gigs we played at Guo Mao and elsewhere.  As you will see and hear, the elements took their toll on the stuff before I could digitally transfer it all without blemish.  Still, it is obviously of historical interest, because, because, well…  just look at that Marshall amp stack!!


The famous JCM 800 had made its way to China by the late 80s.

This is Fazi’s debut in the digital world and will feature his music in forthcoming installments as well as greater descriptions of the changes China was just undergoing in those years.  I don’t look to profit from the posting of his music, so anything that this exposure brings to him will be duly accounted for and delivered to him.


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Fazi (the Chinese Fat Elvis) + Rock and Roll + 1 American Expat = entertaining music